Iconic - Jared Warren Photography

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The Spectacle

Two factions began to emerge from the hordes. As the late evening light warmed the sandstone, dozens of tripod-wielding photographers became impatient with the Instagrammers striking poses under the arch. A chorus of scolding rang out each time someone quickly raced into the scene for their own social media moment. In defiance, a young buck strutted slowly out under the arch, removed his shirt, and did a few backflips, to the cheers of a hundred women.

A young woman in a formal dress posed awkwardly with her man as the winds blew her dress in all directions (including straight up). Her photographer pranced all around the scene, stopping right in front of my camera and tripod as I was trying to shoot a timelapse of the transforming evening sky. The man then went to one knee, opened up a small box with a ring, and offered up his marriage proposal. Her hands flew up to her cheeks as she hopped up and down, and embraced the man as the crowd cheered in approval. I assume the answer was yes.

I don't always shoot iconic locations, but when I do I like it when the entertainment is good, and the light is even better.

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