• Jenny B

    on February 22, 2016

    wow wow wow you! two of the luckiest eyes on the planet! xxxxx!

  • Bomb Suwanban

    on July 12, 2014

    stunning work!

  • Heidi Schlag Miles

    on August 27, 2013

    You are so talented!!

  • Adam Garland

    on August 26, 2013

    Amazing! I just love your work! Thanks Jared!

  • JR Peterson

    on August 25, 2013

    Amazing photos that have been painstakingly taken. I feel like I can feel your sense of wonder for the things you photograph in each of the images. Great stuff!

  • DeAnn Sherman Patterson

    on August 14, 2013

    Loving your work!

  • Karen Lockard Case

    on August 14, 2013

    Amazing pictures

  • Duke Jones

    on August 14, 2013

    Duke Jones
    Great photos. Man You will do well with these.

  • Stephanie Place Mercer

    on August 14, 2013

    Your work is fantastic! Do you have any of Lake Powell?

  • Laurie Curle James

    on August 14, 2013

    Love your shots, Jared!

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